Hi, I’m Clara. I’m a 19 year old college kid who likes to bake. A lot. I am currently a Sophomore at Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in Illustration. Along with being a freelance Illustrator, I plan on opening my own custom cake bakery in the future, but with a twist, a sit down dessert place. A place where someone could say “Gee, I want some ice cream!” and their friend could say “Well, I want a slice of cake!”; to open my place will be a dream come true!

Currently, I do have a call-to-order cookie and cake business called “Clara Bakes: Cookies, Cuppies, and Customs”. The business is currently on hiatus while I am at school, as I am currently 1094 miles away from the hub kitchen! But once I figure everything out, I hope to operate it all while studying and achieving my dreams. Anything is possible!

I have operated this blog since my Senior year of High School, and it has been relatively off and on. I am so busy, but I work so that I can make at least one post a week when I can. If I don’t, then you can hurt me. But don’t. Because that’s not nice.

If you would like to email me or ask me any sort of question about baking or art, feel free to email me at: excypwnsall@aim.com OR clarabakes@aim.com.

Heck! Send me some baking suggestions or a recipe you want me to test out and critique! I am open to all! Thanks for coming by!

Don’t ask about the email name. Its complicated and VERY silly.

Happy baking everyone!


11 responses to “About/Contact

  1. Catherine Jarrette

    Hi Clara!
    What a wonderful website! I’m just in awe of you; you are very inspiring to me. You should be extremely proud of yourself on what you are accomplishing. 🙂
    Love you, Sis!

    • Awwh! Thank you so much, Catherine! Miss you!

    • Hey! I could not figure out how to comment. How do I comment on your amazing pictures? holy cow, Clara! You are becoming a professional over night! I cannot believe how good this is! I will keep checking in and am excited for when I can start baking again and use of the recipes. Thanks for sharing.

      You’re bookmarked! Keep it up! Great job!


  2. Clara well done, John and I are very impressed with your artistic style and I know you have an amazing ability to bake. This blog page is very well put together. Keep up the good work and hope you are enjoying your NEW do.

  3. Am I your first stranger comment? Wow.

    As a fellow baker and new blogger, I want to say Your site looks great. I am just setting mine up, but I’ve been baking for a long long time (I’m much much older than you!).

    If you haven’t already found her, you must check out Rose Levy Berenbaum’s work. She is the author of the Cake Bible, the Pie and Pastry Bible, and her newest book is Heavenly Cakes. She is incomparable, and a real mentor to amateur and professional bakers alike. The reason I think you should check her out, particularly, is that you mention you are interested in the chemistry of baking. Rose has a Masters in Food Science, and is really a food chemistry geek, disguised as a baking artist. She has a blog, too. http://www.realbakingwithrose.com/ Check her out.

    • Haha, I think that you are! Oh! I think I’ve heard of her from the back of my bread flour bag. She’s into the chemistry of baking too? I think I will have to check her out! Thanks so much for the referral! Thank you for reading, I’ll check out your blog as well!

  4. Oh, and I guess I should tell you where you can peak at my blog, which I am still in the process of setting up: http://healthyabundance.wordpress.com/

  5. lovely blog clara. have a great bday!

  6. Your site is so amazing. The recipes and photos are really good! Best wishes in college.

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