Hi, I’m Home

It’s Spring Break! You know, that time of year where students typically go to Cabo San Lucas, Playa, Tampa, Miami. You know, all those fancy-dancy ‘spring break’ type places. Where do I go? Home. I am perfectly content with it, too. To be reunited with my mixer, my oven, my plethora of ingredients. Heaven on Earth, this place. What did I make first thing back here? I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cooked Frosting. But of course! I made a few minor changes, just to adjust the fluffiness and consistency of the cupcakes. They stayed about the same, but they were a little more fluffy thanks to the mixture of cake and all purpose flour in the batter.

Another substitute I made in the recipe was oil in the place of the solid shortening. To kind of play on with the moisture of the cupcake. It turned out fine, if not a little more moist. You can’t do much when it comes to red velvet, the buttermilk makes them already pretty moist. Anything more than that, you’ll get mush. But the final batter was looser and more fluid. It was ideal for cupcakes!

My favorite part of making the batter is just putting together the paste for the food coloring and the cocoa powder. You can certainly put them together separately, adding each directly to the batter; however, I think that this is a little less risky. If you added the red food coloring directly to the batter, you run the risk of it splashing out and ruining your Gap blazer. That never happened, but seeing as I wore it while baking, it could have been.

It just makes me think of Dexter or True Blood whenever I make this cake.

I used about 1 1/2 cups of All-Purpose Flour and 1 cup of Cake Flour in the batter, it certainly did yield a softer cake. I’ll experiment again and see how they hold up to all cake flour. Red velvet is a pretty heavy cake.

Oh, also a DASH of cinnamon :).

But oh, is it a pretty batter.

The chemical reaction from combining the vinegar and baking soda helps leaven the cake in a more gentle manner, not only that, but it has been said (in ancient times) that it makes the cake redder.

But you didn’t hear anything from me.

Pretty cakes too! Such even crumb structure! The cake flour contributed to that.

So yeah! Give the recipe a try with the slight modifications! Tell me what YOU think!

Dump some cooked frosting on top (my favorite frosting to make! Its a fun process!)

Give it a go! make the slight modifications!

Happy Baking!


2 responses to “Hi, I’m Home

  1. These are very yummy, and the combo of the cake and cooked frosting is great!

  2. Everything looked beautiful but that rainbow cake is OUTSTANDING! Thank you for the recipe. Now I have to make it! I used to use powdered coloring when candy making because it didn’t change the formula like liquid dyes do so thank you for the gel color tip! I’ll have to look for the gels next time I’m at a craft store or the baking store.

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