Check it!

I wanted to show you the Christmas cookies that I slaved over for three days.

I made Christmas Trees



And Santa himself!!

Err, make that Santas. I’ll tell you this, I’ll just offer the Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, and Snowmen to the big guy when he comes jingling on by. Gotta be hospitable! I’m sure it would be uncomfortable if he were to eat himself!

Ten dozen of these cuties! I’m so happy with them. In fact, I just want to start making them more and more, because I’m loaded with new decorating ideas! I’ll save them for other occasions though! Haha.

Oh my! Did he come early? Haha.

My methods were as follows, I made a regular shortbread and chocolate shortbread for the cookie cutouts, then made royal icing for the decorations. Starting with the firmer icing to pipe the outlines, and set aside some firm icing for the final touches, then made a flooding icing out of the rest to fill in the colors. On average, each batch took me three hours of decoration time (not counting baking), but it was vry therapeutic. My job isn’t too fun right now, so I took out all of my frustrations into the kitchen, making all of my Christmas presents and completing them in record time! Loved it!

Just follow the royal icin guidelines listed here:
It is so helpful!

Happy Baking!


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  1. yum!!!

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