A Busy Week

I’m sorry, bu I have been tremendously busy this week. Between work and baking well over 10 dozen cookies to decorate and ship out before tomorrow (which means, I’m already late 🙂 ) and having my sister and her family come over last week to celebrate my neice’s 1st birthday and my mom’s birthday, I simply have not been able to post too well! But I will show you the party favors! Don’t worry, there will be posts this week, that’s a promise, I assure you. Because I have compiled a ton of pictures and they need to be shared!

I made French Macarons! With a vanilla and raspberry filling, I could have made he green minty, but I made it vanilla because I wasn’t sure as to how mint and raspberries would get along. It all sorted out just fine though. What I did was reserved the egg whites from the ice cream that I made and aged them, covered, in the refrigerator for 48 hours as opposed to 24 hours at room temperature, because I am freaky like that.

With a little pixie dust, (i.e. confectioners sugar and cocoa powder), these puppies really stood out.

Buuut, not quite as cute as this puppy.

And don’t worry, she wasn’t light on smashing the smash cake.

Mommy (aka, my sister, Christine) was there to confirm.

There we have it!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Happy Baking!


One response to “A Busy Week

  1. Great post, Clara! What a neat cake.
    Christine, you look fab too!

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