I know that its been… like… two weeks since my last review. I’m sorry, I got uber busy.

But i can assure you this, I watched both Top Chef: Just Desserts, and I will let you know…Boy there are a lot of criers in this show! I absolutely love it! Criers and people…who need serious help.

Let me do a short recap of what happened Wednesday. Zac commented that there were two sides to the ill-fated Seth, saying “There’s the side that you want to talk to, and then there’s the other side” that basically makes you want to leave and never return. Personally, I thought that Seth was a big problem with problems that he needs to sort out away from the show. His actions in the past weeks have really freaked/weirded me out. For example: Crying fits, reverting back to 5 year old mode, etc. Need I say more?

Well, it got worse this week. The quickfire challenge was to create an ice cream sundae USING Breyers selected flavor ice cream (pretty simple, really), and Seth started…acting very strangely. It was almost like the anxiety was bubbling up within him like a volcano, leaving him ready to explode. “I have this ice cream base that takes 15 minutes to make and I will [win]”. Now, I can respect your confidence, but when your rocking back and forth, resting your hands on the table, and huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf when you’re told that there is no ice cream making in the challenge, that instantly clarifies you as borderline INSANE. When the chefs went to the break room to go over the challenge rules with the producers, Seth like…started foaming at the mouth (not LITERALLY, but…like cackling) and going nuts! Freaking all of the other chefs out to a whole new level. It was then when he decided to break, get up, and just leave.

That was weird, but it gets weirder. When the chefs were looking at each other like “What just happened?”, ambulance sirens could be heard from the background. Apparently, Seth had an anxiety attack, causing him to pass out and having EMTs come along. At the recommendations of the producers, Seth was not allowed to continue in the competition. My reaction, “HALLELUJAH”, I was so sick of being bogged down by him. Oh, and they brought Heather C. back, and she was just bitter the whole time. Wonderful.

Morgan won the challenge with a nostalgic oreo ice cream sandwich with a small side drink that he explained reminded him of his son that he gets to see only on Sundays. That’s sweet, I was just happy that Seth was gone, he was seriously scaring me.

The elimination challenge was to break up into three teams, create a showpiece (chocolate, sugar, etc.) as well as creating three desserts with a FLAMING dessert (why no one made a baked Alaska, I don’t know. All I know is that Zac’s panko-crusted fried ice cream [The Black Forest is On Fire, haa] looked SUPER delish). Since I only have a few minutes here, I won’t go into too much detail, only to tell you that it was meant to be for the aftershow of a fire-eating show (it looked similar to Cirque, but I personally thought that if they had done Cirque, I would have enjoyed it a lot more).

Morgan’s team won, and Heather H was very bitter (I.E. jealousy…) about it. He won, get over it, even he said that it feels good for a little while, but then the next day, there is another challenge. I respected that. Now, here’s the kicker, Malika’s dish was a Saffron panna-cotta, and the judges absolutely LOVED it. I was happy for her, because even though she had been struggling in past weeks, I really liked her: she seemed to be the most down-to-earth than any other contestants. However, last week, she started talking about how she wasn’t enjoying to cook anymore, and that the most important things to her were her kids and cooking. Ultimately, she actually requested to be eliminated, despite raving reviews. So, the competition bid her adieu, and she left with a smile on her face. Which is good, she seemed a lot more relaxed. I’m happy for her and I hope she does well in her life.

Until Next Week!

Happy Baking!


One response to “Woah…

  1. yeay! another week of TOP CHEF DESSERTS through your blog. i don’t have time to watch the show, as my other couple of shows i squeeze in take up my little free time away from the bebe., i loved reading this as i actually DID watch the episode of Seth’s breakdown. goodness gracious. Hopefully he has found some spiritual peace, or some pills to help him chill out! soooo much drama…i love it..

    glad to hear you’re doing so well at SCAD!

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