“The Red Hots were for my mommy!”

Here! We return!

Another week has sailed by (am I really two weeks in? Wow!) and another episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts has come and gone. What an episode it was! It was filled with drama and so much other stuff that I relished, I couldn’t stop watching! Okay, my eyes closed eyes moment or two, but I paid attention!

Work with me here, I had two classes yesterday, resulting in five hours of lecture, art, lecture, art, lecture….art. I paid attention, yes!

So, the first challenge was to create a dessert while incorporating a sugary treat in them. I thought it was interesting, considering that three of the chefs interviews consisted of the fact that they weren’t that big into candy. I found this… confounding. Now, I bake a lot, so I consider myself a pastry cook, not quite chef, since I haven’t gone to pastry school. But, I will have to say that, being a pastry cook, I use quite a bit of sugar. I mean, every other week, I buy a five pound thing of sugar (oh dear, that’s…no WONDER my parents were complaining about the frequency of my baking!). So, when Heather H. said that she was “more of a chocolate kid” (which..isn’t that candy?), Tim said that he was “not really” a candy eater, and Heather C…um, didn’t listen to the challenge. She didn’t incorporate any of the penny candy! Now, you might not be big into the candy schpiel, I can respect that, but listen to the challenge.

Elizabeth Faulkner was the guest judge, and she is known for making some darned pretty desserts, in my opinion. So she certainly knows what she’s talking about (I mean, she was a competitor on Top Chef: Masters at one point!). On the top, Danielle, who made a really creative upscale take on Dirt n’ Worms (which she called Worms in Dirt, huh?) by creating a chocolate mousse with lemon gummies and chocolate malt balls, paired with a Lemon Drop soda (again, how do these judges keep walking at the end of these tapings? Sugar HIGH!). Who else was on top? Zac! He made a ‘Hoho’ with chocolate and sour cream, utilizing red hots and hot tamales on the side (that sounded soooo good), and Heather H. created a vanilla panna cotta. Danielle won the quickfire :).

On the bottom was, of course Heather C.’s candy-less dish, Eric’s malted chocolate pudding, and Seth’s chocolate malt ball chiffon cake. Now, here’s where it gets just plain sad. I had a lot of respect for Seth in the beginning (he won last week’s quickfire with a coconut and pine nut cupcake with a basil-infused buttercream), and so I looked forward to see his thought process and what he would make in the kitchen. Um, here’s what happened. He tried to make a passion fruit sorbet and, what I think, red hot jam in a hastened time. Apparently wanting to pay homage to his mother, Seth’s vision for his sorbet didn’t quite get accomplished. This is when he threw…a hissy fit, a hissy crying fit, in which his knees buckled and he started sobbing right in front of the judges, saying “I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t do this”. I at first felt sorry for him, as I could understand, the pressure could have gotten to him, but it was when Elizabeth Faulkner came over to console/slap him back into the game, when he embraced him and bawled “The red hots were for my mommy!”. That isn’t Elizabeth’s job, she didn’t sign up to be a baby sitter, just saying.

I thought that was a little much, as Yigit explained a few minutes later, “Everyone has a story”, he explained to Seth that what he was doing was selfish, and that he wasn’t the only one having to deal with familial problems. That was so true, he wasn’t the only one, he didn’t know, and what he did was a bit self-centered.

I really think that Seth lost his mind, as later on at the Tar Pit, the chefs were assigned to individually go behind the bar and pick out some ingredients for a cocktail-inspired dessert. I thought it would make an interesting challenge. As each judge got in to select their ingredients, everything and everyone was light-hearted and laughing. It was a lot of fun to see how everyone got along. That is, until Seth came back there, who decided to throw yet ANOTHER hissy fit over how there was no grapefruit for him to make a Greyhound-inspired dessert. He freaked out, got foul-mouthed, and really ruined everyone’s time. Oh, and he sprinted like a mad man around the kitchen later on. It was nuts.

So, lets move onto the judging. Seth apologized for his actions, and Zac, who made it very clear that he didn’t like Seth, was kind enough to help him plate and put out his food (which wasn’t successful. He made a navy blue blueberry cake [well, cubes] with bits of things on top.) Which, later on, the favor wasn’t really returned when Zac’s chocolate bits fell to the ground. Seth was never shown as doing anything, but he retaliated immediately with the all-too juvenile “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”, and then proceeded to make more of a ruckous in the kitchen in other to clean up. Save that for later. Zac regretted his decision to help out. Oh, did I mention that Seth told Zac to go ahead and serve the floor-chocolate to the judges? I forgot to. Zac was mortified.

For the most part, it was relatively successful, Erica created a margarita-inspired dessert that was successful, with a risky use of salt. The judges raved and gave her the victory. The other two on the top were Yigit, with his negroni brick and Eric’s pineapple and bourbon cake.

On the bottom were Malika, with her way too sweet dessert, Seth (surprised? I hope not!), and Tim, with his ‘scrambled egg’ like pudding. Tim stood by his off-texture confection, of course. However, the thing I didn’t understand was how he was commented on having the strongest palette there, then he was kicked off! I think Seth should have gone. I thought it was ridiculous. Bring Tim back! Kick Seth OUT!

Anyway, that was my two cents! Thanks for listening/reading in! I love you guys so much! I have an Art History exam/essay on Wednesday morning (yayyy….noooo), so wish me luck if I haven’t posted by then!

Happy Baking, everyone!

One response to ““The Red Hots were for my mommy!”

  1. i loved reading this! I feel all caught up! Good job and i love the personality! You should write for TV Guide…haha

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