“Top Chef: Just Desserts” log: 1

Hey, everyone! Here I am, at college, and its really quite a transition. First of all, there is a lot of walking. Unlike most colleges, SCAD doesn’t exactly have a campus. Sure, the dorms are in one area, but if you need to get to a certain building you have to take one of the school’s busses. So, at this point, my buildings are so far away that I’m considering getting the bike next quarter. Hopefully. Possibly. Though, having my car would be even better, but since the only school place I can park it (since I’m a freshman) is in the dorm area, and that there are 2,000 parking places in the city, with far more students than that, I think that I will have to wait on that one too. But, on the plus side, the walking is a great way to get some exercise. The only thing I’m missing now other than my mommy, daddy, doggy, and sistahs’ is my oven, my trays, and my beloved pink Kitchenaid. However, I think that it could be possible to bake while I’m here, since I am in a dorm where no toasters, toaster ovens, microwaves (unless they are part of a microfridge, which we don’t have), matches, firepits, charcoal, flames, or body heat isn’t allowed. Well, maybe I exaggerated a teensy bit.

I miss home. I’m still coping, I’ll admit it. Being 1,200 miles from my bed, my puppy, my mother, and my father is a hard thing for me to get over. Though I’m sure that it is all normal, but either way, its hard. Normal or not, its hard.

Anyway, I got to see Top Chef: Just Desserts the other day, which was a very good thing! But I’m not going to write much, want to know why? Let me explain.

Yesterday, after the completion of my Design homework, I got to work writing my review of the show. It was elaborate and smartly, nay, brilliantly worded. After an hour of writing and 1,300 words later, I press “Publish”.

But it wasn’t to be. “This site is no longer available or has been moved”. Wait, what? DId it post? Nope. Did it save?? WordPress ALWAYS saves! Nada, zilch, nein, nyet, no. Nothing. Baaaah, I can’t write that much again.

But in the mean time, I will say that I like the show. I like it a lot, because it showcases pastry chefs and bakers (even though some of them haven’t made a cake? Eh?). What I didn’t like about Top Chef (the regular one) is the snide comments that the chefs always make about baking or pastry chefs, as if it were an insult. I was always offended.

Anyway, the Quick Fire (which is a small, one hour challenge in which there is one winner who receives immunity in the first elimination challenge, after then, its just favoritism and the victors of the secondary elimination challenges receive immunity.) was for the chefs to make their signature dishes. Easy peasy. They were all comfortable and what not despite no recipes allowed (no recipes for baking? Ahh!). But here’s the sudden catch, they had to make them in cupcake form! You should have seen their faces, I giggled. One made a marshmallow that was gluey and off, one made a MERINGUE in an hour and a half (I mean, what??), and one made…semifreddo? Um, hello? That’s not cake. That’s ice cream.

The winner was a basil buttercream with a coconut and pine nut cupcake. It was simple yet ingenious, pretty too.

The elimination challenge was to create the most decadent chocolate dessert, which many chefs did. But what did Tania in was a gritty and off-color mousse that she lovingly-dubbed ‘pastry hummus’, didn’t fix it because she didn’t have time, and then proceeded to SERVE an unsatisfactory dish to the judges and TOLD them that it was wrong. Smart move. Goodbye. 🙂

I’m sorry it isn’t more elaborate, I’ll head to Starbucks next week and use their internet to blog, it will be much better. I can’t risk what happened again!

Happy Baking!

3 responses to ““Top Chef: Just Desserts” log: 1

  1. I know what it’s like to be homesick at college. I promise you it will get easier. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Clara.
    It’s great to hear from you, baby sis. Does this mean you didn’t bring your car? I didn’t have a car at college until senior year…
    I just finished watching Just Desserts, and I think I will keep watching it. Half of the food terms make no sense to me (semifreddo?), but it’s similar to Project Runway in that sense. The only think that bugs me is how snotty the judges always are on these shows. Even when they say, “pack up your pastry weapons, or whatever,” they are a little too uncaring. It is still just reality tv… have a little joy in there. All those chocolate desserts made me too hungry, especially the cakes.
    I look forward to next week’s blog!
    love you!

  3. hey! You already have 1 week under your belt! It gets easier over time as you get to know yourself better on your own. You are well on your way. I enjoyed reading your blog and will check back next week! love, C

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