Good Morning! Wait…it’s 10 P.M…

Its a short one today, since I’m getting over a little something I had over the past couple days. Needless to say, I wasn’t quite in the mood for baking during, but I had made something the day after the cheesecake day. I made something breakfast-y. I made something that I have made numerous times before, kept telling myself that I would make a blog about it, kept forgetting, then kept making them again.

I’m talking pancakes. And, I’m telling you, this is the best recipe ever. I haven’t failed on them, and I always make the healthy yogurt-y version! They are light and fluffy and delish, just like your local diner, and that’s always an art form.

My secret is that, after I very lightly whisk the batter (ten turns, it will be pretty darn lumpy!), I let the batter rest for ten minutes. Then I set the skillet onto the setting just above low. I adjust according to sound. There really shouldn’t be much sizzle at all when you pour the batter into the pan.
Look on top of the cooking dough for light bubbles, as you can see on the pre-flip photo, and the edges aren’t going to be too shiny, but more of a matte gloss. That’s when you know when to flip. Serve with syrup and butter, cut and dip.

Or, if you are my niece and nephews, just dunk the entire cake in.

My additions? I made the recipe a bit healthier by subbing lofat vanilla yogurt for the butter, adding about 2 tsp. vanilla extract, a couple shakes of cinnamon, and a 1/4 tsp of ground nutmeg. Over the past few times I’ve made these, I’ve discovered that blueberry pancakes aren’t the only good ones!

Strawberry slices
Thinly sliced bananas (my favorite!! So GOOD)
Chocolate chips (oh heck yes.)

And now, a preview for what’s coming up tomorrow!

What could it BE??

Happy Baking!


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