Lady Gaga!

I’m going to put up a few photos that I took and edited (as well as one that I took at the venue! They had these booths up for the “Monster Ball Gallery”. They took hundreds of photos and I stood in line for thirty minutes!) I made a headdress similar to the one (or at least tried to be) seen in the ‘Alejandro’ music video. I made the headdress out of shower hose, beading wire, pearl beads, black spray paint, heavy duty wire, black lace, rubber bands, PVC connectors, old sunglasses and heavy duty rope. Oh….and duct tape. The entire process of shaping, beading, making the hinging goggles, and painting, took me about ten hours as a whole. Every time I do an art piece, it gets be excited for school, and I most certainly am now! If you go to the, and look at the Oklahoma City link (if the most recent concert, Dallas, isn’t displayed yet) I am one of the featured little monster photos!! In case you can’t find it, I downloaded it for myself.

I used lots of concealer over my eyebrows (didn’t work as much as I hoped, but I also put it on my eye lashes as well as powder to make them more skin tone, used white eyeliner on my waterline (if you see the video, she is very pale there) and used Sephora plum colored lipstick). I also wore a rather drab outfit against the extravagant headdress, black camisole, a black scarf that was really an XXL black V-Neck T-shirt that I got for like…five dollars, high waisted skirt, black nail polish, and the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE YET PRECIOUS black patent leather heels that I got on sale and HAD TO HAVE despite their being almost a full size too small. Needless to say, I have a wicked blister on my toe. But that’s okay! I’m Gaga-fied!!
I’ll just put up my best pictures for now, since I’ve done a lot of talking. It was the most amazing experience of my life!

I’ll have stuff up soon!


10 responses to “Lady Gaga!

  1. You looked awesome! I went to the concert at Madison Square Garden 2 weeks ago and it was unbelievable. She was incredible and the fans were out of control. I loved seeing everybody dressed up; wish I had been more creative!

    • Haha! I can safely say that my life is complete, I would have felt HORRIBLE if I had missed it! I was originally going to Fame Kills with Kanye and Gaga in Dallas, I had front row tickets! Needless to say, that one didn’t work out (Yo, Kanye…) haha! I’m so grateful!

  2. I love Lady Gaga and you look amazing!

  3. Yeay!! Cool costume!!

  4. AND…you are still on the main page for the Lady GaGa Tour website for OKC!!

  5. Looks like you had fun! Soooo jealous!!!

  6. Yeah, Lady Gaga Lady Gaga =)

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