I Love Life (And Cake Decorating)

Let me tell you what, doing things right is very much important to me. I want people to be happy with what they get, because I am happy when I get something nice. You know? Yes? No? Oh, I know you said yes, let’s move on.

Alrighty then. Mickey, a very good friend of my dad’s, is turning 63, and he said that he wanted me to do his birthday cake for him. He likes my baking, and I wanted to do that for him! He wants yellow cake with chocolate frosting and so that’s what I did.

A four-layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Haha. I have to admit, this cake is epic, if you remember my yellow cake from before, it kind of failed, this was a different recipe from a cookbook that utilized the egg whites. They worked super well, to say the least. The cake rose over the pan! Holy cow! I’ll have to give you the recipe on another day.
The frosting was very basic too, it was the Wilton buttercream frosting with 1/2 cup of cocoa powder in it as well as about 1/4 cup of milk to soften it. It’s rich and chocolatey. When I piped the sides, I added a touch of black gel food coloring, as well as brown to round it out a bit. It wasn’t going to get much darker than it already was, and I didn’t want the cake to be too monochromatic.

Purty! I’m getting better at this piped decorating shpiel!
I felt that the cake needed some color, too, and so I decided to make some roses. I have seen an instructional video on YouTube, or something like that, a very very long time ago. I have a bit of a photographic memory, so I remembered the instructions fairly well, I’ll teach ya.

1. Choose the piping tip that is shaped like a thin triangle and hold the bag so that it is vertical, and the thicker edge is down.
2. Pipe an upside-down cone on your piping nail (or cake, I just happened to have one. I love finding 20 year old things in the cabinet). I was pretty heavy-handed at this just because it was my first one.
3. Gently pipe little ‘petals’ around the cone, gradually enlargening (word? Yes?) them as you go.
7. There you have it!

I found that if you refrigerate the roses (I made seven of them, it always helps to have more than you need), it will firm up the buttercream and make it easier to apply.

I had fun playing with the different piping tips and making new colors by mixing gel food colors. I made that green with Kelly Green and a teensy bit of Lemon Yellow.

As time goes on, I will definitely get better with the handwriting bit, since my handwriting is…well, it’s alright. Happy Birthday, Mickey!

On the news side, I just finished going to my cousin Rea’s and her husband Joseph’s local art show, and it was wonderful! It makes me more excited for school! Not only that, but after three years of being in AP Studio Art and consistently getting 4’s for the past two years, I finally got a 5 after working so hard this year. This is like a 100%, and it was so hard and so rewarding to do. I feel so accomplished and acknowledged for my work. I’m so excited for school more than ever!

Happy Baking!

4 responses to “I Love Life (And Cake Decorating)

  1. those flowers are AMAZING! i’m sure mickey will love his cake

  2. BEAUTIFUL…just amazing

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