Cherry Pie Expedition Part Un

Please bear with me as I figure out how to do this over the next two days. When I mean two days, I mean today and tomorrow. So, what I think I will do is show you how to do the filling today, and how to do the pie crust tomorrow, as well as the lattice top.

Sorry if this seems disorganized, I wanted to be thorough and…well…here’s thorough.

I used fresh cherries for the filling, from the looks and size of them, they were most likely Bing cherries. But I wouldn’t know, all I know is that they were organic, which is nice as well. Anywho, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought one of these cherry pitters. Boy was it a lifesaver! Fun, too!

Cherries are so photogenic, I can’t stand it.

So, I took my cherries (it all amounted to about 3 cups of pitted cherries, I weighed about, oh, a pound and a half at the store.) and added the juice of half of a lemon.

1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon of sugar, as well as 4 1/2 T. of corn starch. I know it seems like a lot, but it will hold together the filling, so that it doesn’t spill out of the pan when you cut it. I don’t like the look of pie filling that just oozes like liquid, it doesn’t look done. Plus, I like that goo, I like that goo a lot.

Goo is a good goo. Goo goo goo. Ga ga ga. Goo. Ga.


And a little less than half of a cup of water. Over a medium heat (this goes into a saucepan by the way. I have been using a 1.5 quart one that I use for EVERYTHING. Candy, ice cream making, the works! Get one that you find versatile and useful.) Cook this over medium-high heat, stirring every once in a while until the syrup becomes thick and wonderful. Transfer it to a new bowl to cool.

Like this. You can enjoy the goo as much as I did.

After which, you add it to your pie crust that I will show you how to make for tomorrow! Recipe for it as well.

Cherry Pie Filling
3 C. Pitted Bing Cherries (dark sweet, also, about 24 ounces unpitted)
1/3 C. plus 1 T. Granulated Sugar
1/2 C. minus 1 T. Water
4 1/2 T. Corn Starch
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 tsp. Almond Extract
1/4 tsp. Salt

1. Pit cherries (or you can use frozen cherries that have been defrosted) and pour into a 1/5 quart saucepan.
2. Add sugar, corn starch, water, lemon juice, almond extract, and salt to the cherries and gently stir them in.
3. Heat over medium high heat, stirring gently and occasionally, until the liquid gets thick.
4. Remove from heat and cool before adding to pie crust.

I will compress everything together tomorrow as well, so it will get a little easier. I promise!

Happy Baking!

3 responses to “Cherry Pie Expedition Part Un

  1. I’ll have to try this while cherries are still on sale. Your pie is similar to mine (and by “mine” I mean the one I got off Epicurious!), but the filling gets cooked. In my recipe, the cherries are just tossed with the cornstarch, sugar, etc., but if you don’t cook it for an hour and 25 minutes or so, you taste the starch.

    • Haha.
      Yeah, cooking before helps out with getting that starchy taste out! This pie only needed about 35 minutes to bake, since I was aiming to cook the crust.

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