Need Peeling Help?

Here’s how to do it! I have a newly tried out recipe to show you for tomorrow. But I felt that there was one aspect to it that needed to be addressed: peeling thin-skinned fruits/veggies. Peaches, plums, tomatoes. Have you ever seen a recipe where it tells you that you need to peel these things? Well, I’m about to show you how to properly and easily peel these fruits without doing damage to the flesh.

Its peach season here, my favorite. There are these cookies that I make every peach season that are a hit (recipe tomorrow 🙂 ) My favorite peaches are the Encore, but that’s at the end of the season, so I can settle with these delectable orchard-fresh beauties. I love peach picking.

Get your station ready. Bring some water to a boil (enough to cover the peaches when you put them in), and get another bowl next to it and fill it with ice water, then get a paper towel next to that. Now, essentially, what we are doing is blanching the peaches. It will break up the fibers that are holding the skin to the flesh just enough so that we can rub them off. Its neat-o. Take your peaches and, with a paring knife, cut an ‘X’ in the bottom of the peaches. This applies to any fruit like this, as I stated earlier.

Plop your peaches, one at a time, in the boiling water. Roll them around a bit if the water doesn’t cover them completely. I like to do this for at least 45 seconds to 1 minute. After the time is up, use your slotted spoon to pick them up and drain.

I don’t know about you, but I always think that the color is so much brighter when I take them out.

Plunk your peaches into the ice water for at least a minute. What we are doing here is stopping hte cooking, so that the flesh doesn’t turn into mush.

After which, plop them onto a paper towel just to dry it for a little bit. Then wrap it in the paper towel and rub the peach VERY GENTLY. Look what happens!

Slips right on out! So cool.

And there you have it!

Cut to your heart’s extent. This applies to any one of those hard to peel fruits :). Have fun!

Happy Baking!


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  1. this is so cool!

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