My name is Screw Up RecipesALot.

Nothing to post here, on account that all of the new recipes that I tried out from two differnt books failed on such high levels that I am a bit ashamed to show them.

Wheat bread that collapsed on itself, despite being baked to the point of burning. I KNEW that it didn’t need all of that honey and the temperature was too low!

Banana chocolate swirl quickbread that baked up slow at a low (following the recipe to a T) temperature (325) for an hour and a half. Then having to EXTEND the time to two hours, only to continue to have raw batter in the center. Shame shame.

New ice cream recipe that turned out…icey despite being refridgerated for 6 hours to cool, then prepared in the normal way. Gack!

Oh well, I’ve gotten over it now.

Oh wait, one more thing.

Our dishwasher, whom I so lovingly dubbed “Dumbface” decided to break its timer, its drain, and then its pump (this is a FIVE YEAR OLD WASHER, BY THE WAY). And so I resorted to washing two days worth of dishes (this wasn’t discovered until the next morning, since we started the washer the night before with steak utensils and whatnot. Well, I had a lot of baking stuff to wash the next morning. Well, the timer still said “2HR”, which is the time that STARTS at. Which means that the dishwasher thought tht it had two hours left for an entire eight hours. I love life. I love life so much.

On the plus side, I made air-popped popcorn. And it, in its holy plainness, is divine.

Only new stuff to try for tomorrow! I’m thinking cheesecake for dad’s day to surprise him with :). He loves that stuff.

Happy Baking! And I am sorry!


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