Nature! It’s All Over Me! Get it OFF!

Just kidding. I love nature. I spent like…6 hours outside today. Planting, running, mentoring a six year old (at a local school, they have a mentoring program, today was Super Kid’s Day! Their last day of school, YAY BOUNCY SLIDES! They really bring out the kid in me.)

Today was eventful. No, not eventful, embarrassing. I was getting ready to get her lunch (well, it was early, I was driving around, finishing errands, sending thank you notes, et cetera) and I was getting ready to head on that way to pick up the cookies I made for the entire first grade there. I’m driving along this one street, when I get a call from my buddy Bob:

“Hey, where are you?” he asked, urgently,
“Driving on (insert street name here), why?” I replied nonchalantly,
“We can’t start without you.”
“Ohhh, I might have to come over then, should I?” Please don’t ask me why I thought there was a surprise party happening, because I really did.
“What?” he rebutted,
“What are you doing?” I asked,
“Graduation rehearsal at the church at (street that is on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN)!!”
You could say that my once-giddy demeanor changed right then and there.

Let’s just say I was bright red as I sprinted into the church 15 minutes later. The chapel is huge. Well, let’s call it a Gothic-style cathedral ATRIUM. The walk was a mile long. The world was staring. All ten billion eyes (I kid, 180+ eyes, 90+ sets of eyes, in other words). Things were happening. I was very…um…lets just say that’s the bang I didn’t want to go out on.

Anyway, moving on. I was upset because I promised my little girl to get her lunch at 11, since that was the only time I could actually do it. I FOUND that highway 10:45. Good, now to travel northbound 80 blocks, find a McDonald’s, find a Subway (for moi), then get to that cute little school and distribute the cookies to each class, all before 11:15! I FIND one next to the highway! Guess what, Subway? Right next to it. Score 1 for Clara. Its 11:00, I can MAKE IT. But HARK.

When your in a huge hurry, the world just has it out there for you? This train was an eternity long, eight minutes. I CAN’T MAKE IT. I book it (while not going TOO fast 🙂 good citizen here.) I MAKE IT AT 11:15. The kids are going into the lunchroom, I catch her! We have lunch! I stay for two hours! I distribute cookies to ADORABLE first graders who are so CUTELY THANKFUL.
Day-maker, right there.

So I went home and took pictures of natu-Oh! A frog!

Hey, frog! Oh, you hopped away…bummer.

Wait…what’s this..?

MR. TOAD!!!!

Happy Baking!

PS: Readers! Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? If you have oen you want to share, please comment with it! Fun!

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