Facebook Users!

I have made a page for ClaraBakes on Facebook.com!

Join the page! For active updates (I treat facebook like twitter when it comes to constant updates! No, not about my sitting on the porch…which I am now doing) about the business starting up or brand new posts! Also rate and discuss! Pretty soon, you guys will be able to order your own ClaraBakes cookies! I’m not too sure about the cupcakes when it comes to out-of-state shipping, as they are best the day they are made. But potential candidates for cookie orders would be:

ClaraBakes’ Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
Custom-Order Shortbread Cookies

For the custom-order shortbread cookies, you can specify what you would like for a shape of cookie (the possibilities are almost endless!) and design on top! Great for parties, gifts, or just eating yourself! Believe me when I say shortbread, I make a mean shortbread. Not to be bragging or nothin’.

Everything will be set up soon in a page located on the top taskbar of the website next to ingredient substitutions and staple recipes. When that page is brought up, ClaraBakes: Cookies and Cuppies will be open for business!

Invite your facebook friends! The more the merrier!

I love you guys so so much, dear readers!

Happy Baking!


2 responses to “Facebook Users!

  1. This sounds fantastic. Clara Bakes. Wohooo! When can I place an order?

    • Orders can be placed as soon as I get business cards and work out methods of payment :). Hopefully, that will be in a week or so.

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