So, we had a storm

I was going to make a post yesterday.

But let’s just say I got distracted.

I was working on a painting (at the end of this post) for my friend, when it got really dark outside. And when I say dark, I mean, night time dark, and it was 2 ’till 4! Now, living in OK, I was like “Oh, this will come and go, blabdiblahblah”, and then the rain game. Then the gusts came. These were intense gusts, 50-60 miles per hour. The scary part is is that it was just sunny about half an hour earlier! Anyway, we heard the tack, tick sound, and my mom said “Ope, here’s the hail!” We assumed small, what we got was large. Watching the pool, it was like watching Pirates of the Caribbean during a cannon battle scene! These splooshes were HUGE! Mom and I (dad just flew out of town on business this morning) stayed in a safe area in the house that was relatively near the stairs. We have three skylights, one right above the stairs, and all of a sudden there was HAIL FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS along with the safety plastic that was shattered from all three!

This skylight…but the scene of our upstairs was a bit frightening.

The hail picture i posted earlier for size? Found under the couch in the next room. My gosh, I should have been wearing shoes. Its alright now, it could have been worse. Luckily, our cars are inside, and our neighbors’ cars were annihalated. Dad’s car is at the airport, and the airport didn’t get hit. Thank goodness. Anyway, our contractor is the best man EVER. Mom called him a little bit after the storm, more like immediately after, and he was at our house in like, twenty minutes!

This man is a saint…he helped us clear out our upstairs.

We might need a new carpet… He boarded up our skylights for us and started our roof repair (well..not repair, replacement. And we just got our roof redone five years ago! Ugh)

This is our lattice work, which we ALSO just got redone last year.

And I found this hail outside two hours after the storm had ended. This thing was HUGE! I have never seen baseball sized hail in my life…and I don’t want to see it ever again…

But, in the end, I finished the painting 🙂


3 responses to “So, we had a storm

  1. amazing painting and very scary things falling from the sky

  2. Oh my gosh…to see mom and dad’s house like that!!! how scary. I am so glad you guys were safe and ok…Trey is such a good man…I am just in awe..

    And, let me say, the painting above is a clear reason why SCAD is the school for you! I can’t wait to see what you do there! Amazing…

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