Dark Chocolate Frosting

I can’t say too much today, but I did promise two days ago that I would make a frosting post YESTERDAY and not TODAY, but actually…yeah.

Immediately following this post, a story about that will be put up. But for now, let’s make some frosting.

combine the butter and the powdered sugar in your mixer and cream them together. While this is mixting,

Mix together your cocoa powder and your water, when it is combined, it will become a thick paste. Kind of like spackle.Also, melt your chocolate and be sure to have it completely cooled.

Pour in the melted chocolate once it is cooled and the butter and sugar mixture is creamed. Whisk that in thoroughly, then follow up with the cocoa powder and water mixture. Mix it all in nice and well :).

The mixture becomes satiny and smooth. You takea fingertip and just dip it in – just DIP it – and that small taste you ate will make you feel like the devil. Its SO rich and SO sinful. Oh lausy lausy lausy.

Recipe: Martha Stewart’s Dark Chocolate Frosting
The website isn’t working with me, I’m sorry. Our internet is on the fritz ever since yesterday’s storm..Which I am explaining in the next post.

Happy Baking!

One response to “Dark Chocolate Frosting

  1. a few typos…hehehe…i could tell how anxious you are to write about that crazy storm!!! this is great! I will follow it when I try and make this yummy frosting! well done

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