Salted Caramels

Ahh, candy. There ain’t nothin wrong with it. It’s wonderful, it’s not friendly to the human figure, it’s delicious, its fattening. Its sugar with flavor and more sugar.

Sugar is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

All it takes is some gentle heat and patience to melt the sugar and corn syrup together until it boils. Want to know my secret to crystallization-less candy making? Spray the pan! Yep! Spray the pan with no-stick cooking spray, no sugar crystals will hitch a ride then!

I should make a patent.

No, I shouldn’t, everyone would be too jealous. Stop judging me. I can see that you are.

But there was something new that I discovered, if you heat the butter, cream, salt, and vanilla and keep it warm to the point where you stir it in, the solidifying won’t be as bad! Or as terrifying! Hey! Thanks, Mr. Lebovitz!

Its not that hard of a recipe to do, it sounds more intimidating than it does to actually accomplish. My only complaint? It got really hard…I did the whole thing with waving the knife over a flame, no luck. I dunno, I followed the recipe to a T. Psh, we’ll settle for jagged stabby McStabStab edges on our caramels (I decided to shatter them, hee hee). Its super delicious and just melts in your mouth, the salt makes things a little complex, not that bad!

David Lebovitz: Salted Butter Caramels

Happy Baking!

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