Literally A Party In Your Mouth

I have a cupcake tin, well, two cupcake tins. Combined, they yield 24 cupcakes, cupcake-sized brownies, muffins, tassies, what-have-you. These cupcake tins are very special to me. See, we’ve had them for as long as I can remember, ever since I was super little, and probably even longer than that. They bring back memories of making box mix blueberry muffins with my older sister, Christine (shout out!), and me licking the bowl, and then me BEGGING to lick the spatula, and then me wailing to crack the eggs. Everything that included me in the baking process made me feel important. I was very meticulous about it, I always wanted to do the whole shibang, but my sister was really the expert in that field. She could make a box of brownies seem like they were made by Ina Garten or Julia Child. I loved those things. Anyway, these humble cupcake tins are nostalgic for me every time I get them out. Sure, they are a bit beaten up, sure they are a bit warped from the heat. But that gives them character, and it makes each little batch of cupcakes special. It’s having little things like these that make a house a home, and a cupcake a taste of childhood; love in a wrapper.

There’s something cute about sticking pretty, bright-colored cupcake liners in these seasoned tins. Kinda like sticking flowers in soil. It’s refreshing, and it makes me smile.

Why am I getting sentimental? Well, one of my favorite box mix cakes has to be Funfetti from Pillsbury. You remember Funfetti? The fun white cake with colorful flecks of rainbow sprinkles (or jimmies, depending on where you are from) baked all through it. It’s sweet and light, perfect for cakes or cupcakes.

I decided upon myself to make my own. It was a simple idea, really, just find the right white cake recipe and add sprinkles to it. However, what makes funfetti special has to be those gosh darned…

SPRINKLES! Yay! Use this recipe for white cake (its flavor profile is just about right, in my book) and add to it four tablespoons of sprinkles, jimmies, colored dots, children’s laughter, giggles, and puppies. Okay, maybe not the puppies, but you get it.

Stirring it all in is fun too. It almost reminds me of the time I fell off the stoo-Moving on now.

All in there! It looks like Funfetti batter already! From here, you can bake it into a cake, but then you could just make cupcakes.

That’s what I did. I ordered these from Amazon, aren’t they cute? They came from a company called “The Confectionary House”, check ’em!

They bake up rather flat, but what are you gonna do? That’s notorious for cupcakes. I will leap and cheer and giggle and scream with delight the day my cupcakes turn out round on top. Pinky promise, and if I don’t, tell me when it happens, and I will embarrass myself. I promise.

Good night what have I gotten myself into…

Top with buttercream (or seven minute frosting) and finish with sprinkles.

If your a sophisticate, you eat them with a fork. But, I’m not much a sophisticate. I came into the den to write my blog post and my mom commented on the buttercream that somehow ended up on my forehead.

Hi, my name is two years of Cotillion.

Happy Baking!

4 responses to “Literally A Party In Your Mouth

  1. very cute! and the site is very cool! lots of cute stuff to bake with

  2. I don’t care what you suggest, I’m adding puppies to mine! (Do sprinkles come in shapes?)

  3. As always, amazing. yum, yum, yum. So fun!

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