I Return!

Hey, guys! I’m back from my trip! Back and KICKING!

Well…not so much kicking…You see, if I were kicking at this point in time, my computer (which I spent three months saving up for by working eight hours a day at a Bagel shop) would go flying out of my lap and…

Well, let’s just say that not-too-good-and-happy-things-would-be-happening-right-now.

So, in our homeroom, there was a cookbook of sorts for this boy’s school in Dallas. Everything in their student store was super expensive, so I took the liberty of copying the recipes from the baking section. I’m so bad. Don’t judge me.

If you tell, I will be very upset with you.

Anywho, I made cookies to come along with us on the trip. 8 dozen made the busride and were gone at the end of the day. That makes me feel good, on account that only 53 students came on the trip. I will remake the oatmeal chocolate cookies tomorrow for pictures (they were a favorite), but I have some pictures of the lemon cookies. Its the Martha recipe, and it really is a total hit with everyone, I’ve made them several times.

They are easy and rather fun to make, and they taste GOOD. I always tweak it a bit and add more lemon everything to it, it just works so well.

I recommend them, the texture is wonderful and they are so…summery in flavor :]. I’m just posting the link today. Here you go! I’m planning something special tomorrow, it’ll be my 100th post!! EE!

Happy Baking!


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