What Do You Get…

When you bake, level, and frost layers of Chocolate Marbled cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

Cover it with some pastel pink Marshmallow Fondant and stack the cakes on top of each other?

Then cover it with green MMF flowers using the Easter cookie cutters that you found on sale at Target?

Then whip up some vanilla Royal icing and pipe little orbs over the seams?

The corners as well?

Then color some gumpaste with Teal and Pink and shape it accordingly?


You get my first custom cake order!

One for my (now) 10 year old cousin! Happy Birthday, girl!! They loved the cake, too :).

Oh, and with the scraps from levelling the cake, I made her some party favors:

Cake pops! (Yes, they match my jacket…hoohoo)

And with that, I declare the grand opening of Clara Bakes Custom Cakes! Hurrah!

Happy Baking!


10 responses to “What Do You Get…

  1. wow! very impressive!

  2. Oooooohhhh yeah, it was goooooood. And those cake pops? Gone. That’s all I can say! Clara Bakes….Clara Rocks!

  3. amaIng, Clara. Just amazing. I am posting this on my FACEBOOK!!

  4. Clara,
    I am drooling over your website! I’m simply amazed-who knew there was another “pound o’ butter betty” in there! She would be so proud, and so is your chubby, but, well-satisfied Aunt!! (I could write a book on those brownies you made us! Oooh, and the chocolate cake cookies….yum!

  5. I can’t believe how you work this all out! And so professionally and beautifully, too!

  6. Wow – amazing work, Clara. I am so jealous of Aunt Jennie – she gets to EAT your beautiful work. But I am satisfied just looking at it as art.


  7. Erika Haywood

    You’re amazing! You’re very talented.
    Do you mind if I hire you in the future? =)

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