Home! Missing It Already!

What a blast! I feel a bit irresponsible for not posting pictures of the things I ate, but for the most part, I had mainly fruit and froyo. However, I DID indulge in City Bakery’s Pretzel Croissant, shared Levain’s behemoth 6 oz. Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie (oh…my…gosh…that thing shouldn’t exist, its so good…it should be illegal. Its just not right…its just not) with my dad (we could hardly finish it!), shared a slice of Roxy’s Delicatessen Plain New York Style Cheesecake (you think you’ve had the best cheesecake? This one will make yours look like a cute puppy…), and ate deliciously at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. They had blue corn muffins that were SO GOOD. Oh, and we ate at this quaint little place on fifth avenue next to FAO Schwartz and Tiffany’s called Pop Burger. That was very good too!

But the highlight has to be that cookie…I’m quickly formulating a mock recipe. I’m serious, it was like eating a cookie and a brownie and the fruit of knowledge. We felt like sinners eating that thing…good good sinners.

I’m back at the stove now! Happy Baking!


6 responses to “Home! Missing It Already!

  1. very amazing shots!

    this other blog i follow has a recipe for the levain bakery cookie that you might want to adapt, or not…


  2. oh the levain cookie….the holy grail of cookies!

  3. Hey, great posts and photos of NYC! I love it there, too. Especially for the food. Last time I was there, I also dined at Mesa Grill. Fabulous food. One of my favorite things there was the blue corn muffins. I have made them (after searching high and low for the recipe AND the blue corn.
    Check it out if you’d like. They were pretty good and close to Bobby’s! The muffins are at the bottom of this post.


    And my favorite cookie EVER is the Levain chocolate chip walnut. The BEST clone I’ve ever made of it is found here: (And I make them a lot (usually only 3-4 ounces, never 6, but they’re still so good. I think it’s all in the baking time. Don’t overbake. That said, I haven’t seen a clone for the double chocolate cookie (haven’t looked for that one, so can’t wait to see if you come up with a great one for that!)
    Here again is the link to the best ccw Levain!


    One thing I have found to get that rough looking thick Levain cookie is to not form the dough into much of a ball, definitely not smooth. I just take a chunk, weigh it and actually slap it down on the baking sheet, then leave it as is and I think that forms the most like Levains.

    Ok, I’ll shut up now. Love your blog, by the way, and am not sure I’ve commented before.

    • My goodness, thank you for reading!

      Yes, those muffins are DEFINATELY on my list, thanks for the recipe! Now just to find that gosh darned cornmeal! I bet they would have it at the health food store here. We unfortunately don’t have a Whole Foods here, but we’re getting one! I’m pretty sure they might have some there. I’ll begin the quest! Haha.

      We stood in line at Levain and just were staring at those cookies, they all looked so good! We got the dark chocolate one because we saw it on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network. Rocco DiSpirito recommended it (is it just me or does that man have the most PERFECT face…he’s just…well. There’s my celebrity crush then. Goodness gracious!) and I had to try it. Those chocolate chip ones will be on our list next time we go for sure! Thanks for the recipe!

      Thanks for reading, too!

  4. I am loving reading about your trip to NYC. Your photos are wonderful, and your writing style keeps me wanting more and more and more – looking forward to your 1st book!


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