Hello from NYC! Pictures Pictures Pictures.

It’s a blast! Love it so much! Love. It. Its hectic! Heehee. So far, we have gone to City Bakery (where I had a pretzel croissant and OMG why didn’t i bring my camera. I might have to go back there.), went to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill (where I got the seventeen spice chicken salad, also amazing. Dad got the shrimp tacos, which he loved. And we discovered that I have a project to do at home where I need to replicate the blue corn muffins), shopped on fifth avenue (more of that please…), saw The Lion King (second time and its STILL amazing), went on the little 2 hour Circle Cruise (fast two hours! So cool!) and gone to the Empire State Building Observatory (102nd floor? Done. I’m KING…er…QUEEN KONG!)

Still a lot to do and a lot of pictures to take! We’re headed to the Guggenheim and the Metro tomorrow, and shopping for a possible prom dress (heck, we’re here, why not?). I’m opting for an authentic New York bagel still…yum. Its okay too, because we’re walking everywhere, we’ve taken a cab once. But other than that, we’ve been walking up to four hours a day! And its FUN!

Happy Baking!

4 responses to “Hello from NYC! Pictures Pictures Pictures.

  1. Catherine Jarrette

    I’m so jealous, but am also very happy you had a wonderful time with Dad. You will never forget your time together in NYC. šŸ™‚

  2. hahaha, i see a NYC lover right there… i’m not the biggest fan of NY but i have to admit it impresses me very much and your pictures look certainly amazing! can’t wait for your new baked concoction!

  3. These are amazing!!!! I am so glad you had such a good time. I want to see more pictures!!!

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