I’m sorry I haven’t made anything! Its been REALLY hard to not bake as much because of my dieting, and I can’t think of anything new to make! Any suggestions?

I have all of these bananas! All spawned from an accident where a bundle was bought in the morning, forgotten about, then another bundle was bought in the afternoon! Now look at them, they are almost perfectly ripe. I don’t want to let these go bad, they probably have another day or two left on them, and I would really like to get something out of them. However, I make banana nut bread all the time, and so I would like to try something new. I might make a smoothie or something tomorrow morning, but that only takes care of 1 of the 7!

Quite a predicament!

Happy Baking!

2 responses to “Ack!

  1. i’d go for a marbled chocolate banana bread… that’s what i’m gonna make with the super ripe ones i have… plus the smoothie tomorrow morning as well… what about banana pie? not very diety but…
    for a breakfast treat you can always go for banana pancakes
    i made banana cookies a couple months ago, not bad, not so wonderful either… what i tried and work nicely was… making dough for chocolate chip cookies and sandwiching banana in the middle, then baking it… very yum…
    out of ideasssss

    good luck w the banana issues!

  2. Bananas! yay! you have tons of options, and I’m happy to see I’m not the only one in the baking world dieting (:
    But a few weeks back I tried to bake a healthier dessert, and instead of tons of butter, I used natural peanut butter and smashed bananas. Yum, these were wonderful, I have the recipe right here

    Also, I’m thinking you could make Banana biscotti…Ive never made those kind but Cookie Madness has a recipe that seems interesting…Biscotti generally use little or no fat at all…
    Let us know how it goes (: love your blog!

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