Brownies?? Again??

I know…it might seem BORING. Expecially since I’ve been a very baaaad blogger and not posting as frequently as usual. However, there is another post (short one) coming tonight to say I’m sorry.

Hold on, Nightly News is on and it is showing clips of Navy Seals training…


What were we talking about? Oh. Brownies! I had some cream cheese left over from my cake (unopened, of course!), and so my buddy told me that he wanted me to make some cream cheese swirled brownies. Not too shabby of an idea! I got to researching and found this one from RecipeGirl.

The recipe calls for heath bar. Right when i was about to flip out and go back to the store, I remembered that I had purchased these little baking bits about a year ago and simply put them in the freezer along with my other fancy-schmancy finds. So, I OMITed the pecans and added a bit extra of the heath pieces. Yummerz. Many pieces were consumed by a certain person…which would be me.

I think that I overswirled the batter a bit. What can I say? Its so much fun that I just…get swirl-happy. Some pieces turned out prettily though! That’s a plus. All in all, these things were rich and tasty, and the cream cheese portion wasn’t eggy (I added in some Vanilla Extract), was very smooth, and tasted a bit like cheese cake. It was a good combo with the rather average brownie batter. I do have to confess, though, I didn’t really taste the heath bar, next time, I’ll buy a couple bars and chop them up into larger chips.

Oh happy day! Its randomly hitting me now that I am 18 years old and no longer a kid…and telemarketers are calling for me now, and I can’t say I’m not 18 anymore…WHAT’S GOING ON?? WAAH.

Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies with Heath Bar
One 8-ounce package cream cheese, cold (not softened)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg, at room temperature
2 Tbs all-purpose flour

1¼ cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
¾ cup unsalted butter
4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chopped
2 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs, at room temperature
2 Tbs whole milk
1½ tsp pure vanilla extract
¾ cup coarsely chopped toasted pecans
2/3 cup chopped Heath bars

1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Grease and lightly flour 13×9-inch baking pan.
2. Prepare filling: In a medium-sized bowl, beat cream cheese with sugar until smooth. Add egg and flour and beat well. Set aside.
3. Prepare brownies: In a small bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
4. In a medium-sized saucepan over low heat, melt butter with the chocolate, stirring occasionally, until smooth. Remove from heat, transfer to a large bowl, and allow to cool to lukewarm, about 5 minutes. Stir in the sugar. Add eggs, milk, & vanilla and beat well. Add the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Stir in half of the pecan and half of the Heath Bars.
5. Reserve ½ cup of the brownie batter and set it aside. Spread the rest of the batter evenly in the prepared pan. Drop cream cheese mixture by tablespoonfuls over the batter. Next, drop the reserved brownie batter by teaspoonfuls in between the cream cheese filling. Using a small knife, swirl the two batters together, forming a decorative pattern.
6. Sprinkle the remaining pecans and Heath Bars over the top, and using a spatula, gently press into the batter.
7. Bake 40 to 50 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with moist crumbs attached. Do not overbake. Allow to cool overnight before cutting and serving.
Yield: About 24 two-inch brownies

Happy Baking!


2 responses to “Brownies?? Again??

  1. OMG!!!!!! i’m making this! soon! i also have leftover cream cheese from something else… was thinking about swirled brownies, there-we-go! aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome

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