Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m an ADULT!

AHH. I won SIX DOLLARS on my first lottery tickets! YAY.

Since its late, I’m lazy, and the fact that everything that I have made in the past few days hasn’t been anything new, I will show you how to hand-blanch almonds.

First, you get your almonds in a bowl. Then you bring some water to a boil (I used the microwave for this, less time taken that way.)

Pour the water into the almonds until the tops are just submerged, then cover, and allow to steep in the bowl for about 1-2 minutes. Then, drain the almonds thoroughly.

I find it easier to have them in a separate bowl and grab a few at a time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lot of almonds where you actually see the skin kind of ‘sluffing’ off of the meat. It will seem papery, and if you’re REALLY lucky, you can rub them in a towel and the skin will come completely off cleanly! I wasn’t so lucky, so I used my fingernails. In the end, the almonds looked like arrowheads.

If you’re up for some tedious working, go ahead and do this, it takes a lot of patience to do thoroughly. Me? I did 1 cup worth of almonds, this was A LOT, holy MACKEREL.

Next time, I’m leaving this to the experts and buying blanched almonds.

That’s my tutorial! I’m going to go have my first night’s sleep as a legal adult!

I’m old…er

Happy Baking!


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