My Art In A Nutshell

My art is another passion of mine. While I do bake and cook a lot, art is certainly a crutch. It was my original passion since the age of 4. Considering that I talk about it a lot, I figured I would post some of my pieces that I included in my portfolio for my SCAD application. I’ll post dates too and names.

“Quoth The Fat Raven ‘Nevermore'”. 2010. Ink and Water Media.
(Recognize the cupcake? Oh heck yes. This is a Superbowl drawing, I have had one a year for the past three years! Part of my “Sweetly Macabre” concentration for AP)

“Peace is for the Birds”. 2009. Ink and Water Media.
(Another Superbowl piece. This was a part of my “…For the Birds” concentration where I depicted symbolism in the form of birds. My general explanation for this piece would be ‘Our idea of “Peace” is a bit all over the place, while we consider peace to be a part of us, it isn’t so somewhere else in the world or even around the corner.’ My favorite work.)

“Serenity is for the Birds”. 2009. Ink and Wash.
(Another part of my “…For the Birds” concentration. No general explanation.)

“Hunger is for the Birds”. 2009. Ink and Water Media.
(You know which concentration by now! This one symbolizes that even in a place as large and powerful as America has hunger and need just like every other place.)

Pride is for the Birds. 2009. Watercolor.
(What we wear is an overrated thing, and some of the most genuine beings are even the ones that wear dull colors. Based on the deadly sin.)

“Worship is for the Birds”. 2009. Ink and Highlighter.
(No, this isn’t for religion. Its based on one of Gandhi’s seven deadly sins “Woship without Sacrifice”, and how people can abandon without really trying, or if there is one little flaw.)

“Color is for the Birds” 2009. Ink Media.
(No real explanation, I just thought it was cool.)

“Untitled”. 2008. Watercolor.
(A part of my “Hooves in Flight” concentration Sophomore year. My first watercolor, and was also purchased as an artistic merit award by my school and part of a permanent collection!)

“Freeze Frame”. 2008. Ink.
(Part of my “Hooves in Flight” concentration. My first ink etching piece, one of my favorites 🙂 )

“Knee”. 2007. Ink.
(Not an AP piece, but was a Studio Art project. We were assigned to a drawer and we had to draw the contents. Incidentally, there was a skeleton in front of my drawer, so I utilized it. I styled it so that it was almost like a digital camera, in that it focuses on on one area and fuzzes out on the rest.)

“Fishing in the Sky” 2009. Watercolor.
(A casual illustrative piece, something I did at home and find cute.)

I hope you guys enjoy my art! I will post more as I develop this year’s AP concentration “Sweetly Macabre”

2008: “Hooves in Flight” AP Score: 4
2009: “…For the Birds” AP Score: 4

Happy Valentines/Baking!

4 responses to “My Art In A Nutshell

  1. holy crap! you’re an amazing painter!!! seriously, i couldn’t close my mouth shut while i was checking those paintings… O_O … WooooooOooOooOW…


  2. Ditto what Adri said! Wow! I knew you took nice photos, but didn’t realize you were an actual artist.

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