Flourless Rocky Road Cookies

When I was little, my grandpa and grandma would invite us every Sunday to their country club after church for brunch. I was a chubby child back then and quite enjoyed the desserts. Can you imagine an 8-year-old liking flan? That was me, but being me, I always had a handful of stale marshmallows in it. You know, the ones that are kinda chalky? I loved those.

I was a weird child.

So, continuing; the country club had these cookies that my dad raved over. For a few years, I looked at these crackly and shiny chocolate cookies with a sense of wonder; and fright. I remember the day that i tried one, that was a good day. I discovered life in its chewy chocolateyness. I had taken a bite into hot chocolate, with the marshmallows included! No cup needed. We haven’t been there in a long time, and I have been a bit mopey over the memory. I had to make them again. Heck, i had leftover marshmallows from last Thursday, so I thought that it was worth a try.

I found this recipe and noticed that it had a bit too many walnuts for my taste. I like the crunch of them, but I do NOT like the taste. It didn’t include marshmallows either. Feeling like this was blasphemy, I chopped up the remaining 14 marshmallows that I had and shoved ’em in there. I used powdered egg whites as well because I have a whole lot, they worked just fine.

And eating them?

Have you ever been in love? Well, I haven’t yet (though I have a crush or two), but I’m pretty sure this is how it would be. Sweet, soft, and a little crispy.

Because that’s how love should be, crispy.

Flourless Rocky Road Cookies
Makes about 55
Adapted from Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies
1 1/4 cups walnut halves
3 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/2  cup plus 3 tablespoons unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder
1 1/2 cups small marshmallows (or cut up homemade vanilla mallows)
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 large egg whites, at room temperature (or 1 T. and 2 tsp. powdered egg whites with 1/2 cup water, mix thoroughly until all powder is gone)
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

-Preheat oven to 350. Toast walnuts by spreading them out on a baking sheet and baking for 10 minutes or until golden and slightly fragrent. Allow to cool and chop coarsly.
1. In the bowl of an electric mixer, whisk together cocoa, powdered sugar, and salt. Add in marshmallows and walnuts and mix.
2. Combine vanilla with egg whites and, with the mixer on LOW, pour in the mixture. Mix until combined.
3. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto parchment-lined baking sheets (or a silicone-infused baking sheet). Bake, rotating half-way through, for 16-18 minutes, until the tops are glossy and crackled. They will be a bit flat.
4. Allow to cool on baking sheets for 10-15 minutes, carefully lift off and cool on racks. Enjoy!

Happy Baking!

PS. I have a concept for this little painting that I FINALLY COMPLETED DRAWING AND PAINTING YESTERDAY. Its darkish in the background, and so the colors will pop. But what do you guys think so far?

6 responses to “Flourless Rocky Road Cookies

  1. awesome drawing!

    i also made those cookies… they were a total success at work and my lactose intolerant coworker was very happy that she could eat them because they have no dairy… they are fantastic as ice cream sandwich cookies!

  2. btw, that cupcake looks delicious

  3. Those cookies look so yummy Clara!

  4. Great drawing! Your icing swirls are very realistic looking! I like to draw and can appreciate the difficulty of doing that! Also those cookies look great! I want to try those!

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