Goodness Gracious

I am now realizing that baking everyday, although a big enjoyment of mine, is:

1. Expensive. (you never realize how much butter costs until you start to have to buy it a lot more often)
2. Excessive. (When you don’t really have neighbors that will take your baked goods and you’re out of school and so you can’t bring it there, you end up with a lot of cookies around the house)
3. Not scale-friendly. (I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gained a good five pounds since I started this blog which are pounds that don’t want to leave me. *playing Righteous Brothers music*)

I need to tone it down to maybe two to three times a week instead of every day. That’ll be hard, but I need to focus on my artwork more (this includes photography) but that’s all good! This doesn’t mean I won’t post anymore, heck no, you might as well get sick of me now! Ha. I’ve made a commitment here, I’m not leaving you!

So, instead of baking today, I went out with my parents to take pictures of the snow and ice-covered trees at the local lake. It’s fun. It’s awesome. It makes your toes numb. But that’s okay, I got some nifty shots out of it.

Now excuse me, I have carrot sticks to eat.

Happy Baking!

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