EDIT: I put in a new picture. Its better now :]

(Please say the title like Julia Child would. It will make you smile. I’ve been saying it all afternoon. AW SHAUN TAY [no, I don’t take French, why do you ask?])

I finished these at 10 pm. Its dark. The pictures make me sad. Sorry :(.

Anyway, I was asked to prepare something for a bake sale that the French club is having tomorrow to raise money to support Haiti. I was like “Heck, French! I’ll make chocolate eclairs!”

I sound confident. I’ve touched on the subject of Pâte à choux in the past. What it is is a mixture of water, butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. That’s it! However, you bake it at a high temperature, and the paste puts off steam and becomes its own rising agent. If done right, the choux paste (pronounced shoe, for those of you who are wondering) will be completely hollow as a result of this sudden explosion of steam. You then fill the cavity with something like chocolate or pastry cream. Ever has a cream puff? Pâte à choux.

I’ll explain in pictures that I failed to take WELL.

First. You melt the butter with the water on the stove and allow it to boil for a moment.

Then you quickly add your flour and sugar and mix it in, then cook it until it forms into a ball, or paste. Whatever floats your boat.

Then you put the ball into your mixer and stir it around for a few minutes to cool it down. It’s hot stuff!

Add your eggs, one at a time, and mix until it looks like this.

Then you put the mixture into a piping bag and pipe little “S”s on your baking sheet, then bake at a high temperature for a few minutes, then a lower temperature for a few minutes, then keep them into the oven until they are dry.

Then you take them out, let them cool, fill them with homemade pastry cream, and then be immature and draw faces on them in Photoshop and giggle to yourself about it. Then you dunk them in chocolate. Yum.

Then you have chocolate eclairs! Yay!

Pâte à choux recipe: HERE

Pastry Cream recipe: HERE

Sorry I’m boring today. Baking all afternoon, cleaning the kitchen, baking more, then cleaning the kitchen again, then editing cruddy photos. Yay.

Happy baking!

8 responses to “Bonjour!

  1. hilarious post and they look very yummy! i’ve gotta try this soon… mais je suis terrified! if i do it wrong they’ll be crappy… anyhow, if i try it, i’ll let you know…

    btw, i love the funny faces

    • Haha, they are yummy! You can stuff ’em with anything. I can only imagine chocolate pudding. Oh man. Good luck!

      (and thanks, i like the funny faces too. Haha)

  2. Hey there Clara~
    I have just recently started reading your blog and LOVE it! I too am seventeen and I am crazy about baking! Thank you for sharing all of your recipes!
    I was inspired to make some eclairs after seeing your post (and recently watching Julie and Julia) and they turned out great! My family devoured them! I stuffed mine with a buttercream frosting and drizzled them with chocolate (it was getting kind of late…;-)
    Again, thanks for all the great ideas with baking!
    Looking forward to more posts,

    • I’m flattered that you were inspired by my post! Thank you! Eclairs are a bunch of fun to play with because they are so versatile! I bet yours were wonderful! Buttercream…yum.
      Thank you so much for reading!

  3. I hope your eclairs were a hit at the bake sale. Your photos made me laugh. If the mustache was a couple of straight short lines, it would look tres French. Maybe a beret too.

    Choux paste was the first recipe I tried myself, forty years ago. I carefully followed the recipe in “The Joy of Cooking” and everything worked. I beat the eggs in with a wooden spoon. No stand mixer for me as I didn’t have one. Actually I still do choux paste the same way right in the pan. I guess it’s an old habit.

    • They were a hit!
      Awh dang! I should have thought of that! That would have been hilarious!
      Gosh, I might have to try that out next time I make choux paste, there’s always a rewarding feeling of doing everything by hand!

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