I Love Vanilla

But you already knew that. Don’t you just love it when things work? Like when I made those marshmallows from the Baking: From My Home To Yours cookbook by Dorie Greenspan, those DIDN’T work. I blamed the egg whites. I was sad, but I found this other recipe on Martha’s website.

Martha, you’re stuff just works…Thank you. I’ll post a LINK. No recipe, just the link. I’m lazy, its bedtime for me. Anyway, the recipe is for fudge covered marshmallows. I didn’t make the fudge, just the marshmallows. They are so good…oh, instead of vanilla extract, I put the scraped seeds of a whole vanilla bean into the water to bloom into the gelatin.

This is my lover.

It worked perfectly. I love the intense vanilla. Its not intense to the point of being offensive. Its just…intense like “Oh man…thank you.” If you look in the top picture REAL close, you can see some of those little black specks of nature’s love.
Hi, nature’s love. I love you too.

I got camera happy after the photoshoot. I took pictures of baby’s breath. I love it. PICTURE OVERLOAD HERE GET READY OH NO HERE IT COMES.

I love my camera..

Oh, and then we went to the aquarium that’s TWO HOURS AWAY (I still love it though.) and guess who I found!


and Nemo..

and Nemo…

Oh hi, Nemo, I found you too.

Happy Baking!


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