Happy Birthday!

When I made that chocolate cake (was it a week ago? Two weeks? I have no clue.), I had to level it a bit, so I crumbled up the scraps and made some cake truffles with them using the Wilton Buttercream and put some white chocolate as a coating. I brought them to school and they were a hit.

So, yesterday, I was informed by a classmate that it was her birthday tomorrow and she wanted to have some of the cake truffles that I made. (I don’t say cake balls because I can’t say it with a straight face. Sorry, Bakerella!) They are so good. If you want to make some yourself, simply follow the instructions here, though instead of box cake mix and storebought frosting, I made my own. That’s the way I roll.

They are tasty and cute! I ordered these little candy wrappers (misreading the website, I thought they would be BIG cupcake wrappers. Oh well!) and put the truffles in them then in a pink tissue-lined cardboard cake box (a little one) and wrapped it with some Tiffany blue satin ribbon (my fave color…). You eat one, then realize that its your third one in two hours. Sit back, sob, and then groan in joy.

Oh, this one didn’t make it into your box, Mer. I’m sorry, well…you’re probably glad. Enjoy them!

Happy Birthday, Meridith!

Happy Baking!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Seriously, you are 17!!! holy crap man! i’m amazed and a little jealous of your artsy baking… this blog is cute, funny and interesting… so you’ve got yourself another reader!

    keep on going!


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