TWD: Choco-Nana Bread

…Yeah, this isn’t a loaf. This is a muffin. I did this because I made 1/4 of the recipe. Chocolate banana bread for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie seemed a little different to me, and so I didn’t want to waste a bunch of ingredients if I didn’t like it. It makes a pretty picture though. I rushed to get the picture of these because I was losing daylight quickly, so these guys were pretty hot. But i managed to get something in. The afternoon sun is a pretty lighting that is good to utilize.

At first bite, you really REALLY taste that chocolate. Also, they seemed a bit dry, even though I added everything using precise measurements (weighing and HALVING the beaten egg? That was too much math, but it’s okay, I have a test tomorrow.) The banana in the bread seemed to be a little bit of an aftertaste, you can say afterthought. It was just…there. I didn’t care for it. But once I got a hold of a little chocolate chip, it upped that yummy factor. Melted chocolate just does that.

All in all. Pretty good. If you’re a huge chocolate fan, I think you’d like it. The banana doesn’t really add anything, so i think that if you put thick greek yogurt or applesauce in this it would be alright. I look forward to next Tuesday! Now onto a birthday cake…

Happy Baking!


One response to “TWD: Choco-Nana Bread

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