Cappuccino Rice Krispies Treats

I’m not posting a recipe…well…kind of. I’m still perfecting the marshmallows that go into it.

Here’s the story.

So, I went to Barnes & Noble with my bud and bought “Baking: From My Home To Yours” by Dorie Greenspan. I was (and still am ecstatic… stories are always past tense). Anyway, I was flipping through it and discovered a recipe for marshmallows. Yay! Being a self-proclaimed “Expert” of the regular vanilla marshmallows, I opted to make the cappuccino flavored ones.

Quick side-note from me, I strongly dislike coffee. Well, drinking it. But I am obsessed with coffee essense. Mmmm. Continuing on.

So, I made them. Whipped the egg whites and boiled the sugar, made the gelatin, and started with the combining. Well…I went as slowly as possible…but smelled scrambled eggs. Great. I continued on and added the gelatin. Beat the heck out of those, and yeah, they whipped up, but they were really…soft. Whenever I make marshmallows, they are glossy and sticky and yum and these were soft and kind of wet-shiny and…um. That’s the word, that’s what I said, “Um.” It must have been what it was supposed to be, so I continued on and folded in the chocolate-coffee mixture also called for in the recipe, put it into the pan, and let it set overnight.

I was greeted the next morning with…wet marshmallows. Soggy and ew. It might have been the weather here (Dear Oklahoma. I love you but…gosh…stop with your weather freak outs please. Its much appreciated. Thanks, Clara) But still, it sopped up the powdered sugar like a sponge and…well…

I threw it away. I’m sorry, I did. These weren’t edible. It might have been the egg whites. But the flavor that I wanted from the coffee was there. Ever since, I’ve been trying to make them with the eggless recipe. So far, the first batch was not soggy at all, but a little flat. Tasty, yes, so I made treats out of them. They are tasty. But nothing to post a recipe on yet. Still being perfected.

By the way, don’t you love that mug? My mom said it was a present to her from forever ago. For those of you who can’t read it, it says “Some people never have to diet…we need to find these people and hurt them” That’s the truth….I think this way as I’m running and sobbing on the treadmill. I started that today after too long…the pain.

Happy Baking!


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