Flowers and Marzipan Fun

I don’t watch soap operas.

Well…maybe I do…I made this while watching one and waiting for dough to chill. All I heard was an hour of “WHERE IS MY BABY? OH GOODNESS, IT WAS HER? OH NO! YOU ASKED HIM AND HIM TO GO TO PROM WITH YOU? YOU’RE TERRIBLE. :SOB:” Oh well, i was flattening little disks of marzipan and putting them together into a rose.

It was my first marzipan flower; and it was purty. Note the past tense, I couldn’t hang it upside down to dry, and so its petals fell off, one by one, and it sagged; just like a real rose! I’m looking at it positively, though it is really sad. I got a picture of it though, and so that redeems EVERYTHING.

I made those chocolate gingerbread cookies again. This time I made some brown sugar out of some leftover candied ginger sugar that I sanctioned last time I made the candy. I can’t say it intensified the gingerness of the cookie; but I added white chocolate this time and I have one thing to say: mmmmmm.

I discovered a macro setting on my camera…its amazing how much that does.

After I made the dough, I rolled it into balls (after freezing it for about twenty minutes) and then chilled it to firm it up again. Then I rolled it in SUGAR.

They looked really cute, and they spread out really well. They are so good… I take a half and I want MORE. But I can’t be bad…well…

It IS Christmas time…

They are so pretty, the sugar makes them look all snowy! I have the recipe already posted, I just used white chocolate morsels since I didn’t have any semisweet…I kinda like the white chocolate better!

Have A Wonderful Christmas and a Happy Baking Year!

2 responses to “Flowers and Marzipan Fun

  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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