Paintings, Gingerbread, and Short Men; Oh My!

I’ll tell you where I was.

I was making Christmas presents. Lots and lots of Christmas presents. I made approximately 9 dozen gingerbread men yesterday and piped designs on EACH AND EVERY ONE. I LOVED IT. Sure it killed my hand but oh what fun!

A fun packaging idea is located above. I found these really cute glass jars at Bed Bath and Beyond, filled them with cookies, and put a square of tissue paper in between the lip and the lid of the jar, and then one on top, securing it with ribbon. Pretty pretty! Oh, and I flavored the royal icing with orange extract, it was mighty tasty!

I didn’t know if my friend liked gingerbread men; but I know he LOVES shortbread. So I made some short men. (HA, GET IT? SHORT MEN…nevermind) I flavored their royal icing with some almond and vanilla (you have to be careful with almond though!) I traced the outline, filled it in a bit, then spread the icing with an offset spatula. Then tinted some yellow and with a finer piping bag, made little faces and whatnot! I put the lightning bolt on there in homage to Lady Gaga for him…I thought he would like that. Packed them the same way! Love it. So cute.

And then I did a referenced ink and wash painting (with watercolor! Using a nib pen) as a Christmas present to a friend who is OBSESSED with Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. It got my creative gears going :] I feel artistically rejuvenated now and ready and raring to go to AP Studio next semester!

This is going to be a great Christmas :]

Happy Baking! Love and cookies!

3 responses to “Paintings, Gingerbread, and Short Men; Oh My!

  1. I really like this blog. Please continue the great work. Regards!!!

  2. Awesome blog! I’m very glad I wandered onto it through my friend’s blog gonna have to add this one to the old bookmark list

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