A lot to be done today.

I am definitely planning to continue with pie-making for today. However, the difficult part is that I actually have A LOT OF THINGS TO DO TODAY. Get home, grill dinner (because I don’t want the peppers and zucchini to go bad), make pie crust, go to ACT study, bake pie, pack, go to bed.

Oh gosh, I think I’ll have to give that pie to my relatives. At 6 o’clock tomorrow MORNING, we are driving out to New Mexico to visit my sister and her husband and family over the holidays, until next Monday. I’ll be able to bake and blog while I’m there, because we love to bake. I’m excited for it! Stoked, you should say!

She is the proud mommy of two SETS of twins! One fraternal and the other identical. Cute as puppies. They have one youtube video that has achieved over 20 million views!


No, really. 20+ million. It all started when my mom told her to take her video camera and film all of the kids at least once or twice a day, since we can’t go and visit them all the time (until a month ago, they lived in northern CA), then post the videos on YouTube!

Well, gosh darnit, one’s a hit! No one believes me that they are my nephews…but they are and I can confirm! Check it out! Cute overload!

Happy Baking!

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