That wasn’t nice..

I forgot to post yesterday. I’m a bit ashamed of myself. I got caught up in writing a 30 line iambic pentameter ‘vulgar story’ (I didn’t choose it, my teacher did..) AND a three page vocab story.

That’s a lot of writing and thinking…

But, on the plus side, everything is done now. I have ACT study tonight, but I have to bake a whole bunch for the continuation of our bake sale tomorrow. I’m planning buttermilk blueberry muffins since the expiration date on my buttermilk is in two days, and I want to see if I can actually use up an entire JUG of the stuff; something I had deemed impossible. The muffins (which was was kind of ‘eh’ on making, but am basically forced to because we apparently need to have a legitimate breakfast item. Oh well, muffins are fine.) and then some pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing. It would have to be my post famous recipe at the school; it took a lot to be able to make them for the bake sale, because someone else was already making pumpkin loaf.

I want to make cookies. I’m making your muffins and buying five dozen bagels for you. I’m making cookies.

The question is; will I be able to make EVERYTHING tonight? Or just have to get the muffins done in the morning since I have to wake up super-early anyway? It’s worth a go.

Happy baking!


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