Today’s a two-poster

Im so bad..

Up to no good; fattening up classmates.

This is the first of two updates for today. I’m so bad.

Please excuse the picture, shoulder-up shot isn’t a flattering angle. But hey, what are you gonna get with a Macbook? French Vogue? I didn’t think so.

I’m really supposed to be doing homework right now in study hall…but I finished it already; this makes me special and cunning. What am I going to make today? Who knows, I really want to experiment. I was going to bake up some banana nut bread for my dad like i always do. But those last three WONDERFULLY RIPE bananas never stay three after breakfast. In fact, I come home to one, normally. Gosh darnit, I want to make some D:. Its all good though, sometimes the grocery store sells single SUPER RIPE bananas for cheap. That’s the best way to go, I like them when they look like a jaundiced dalmatian (okay, gross reference). A lot of brown spots. Not like, BLACK, that’s a little too far; but getting there, that’s key. They are so good to bake with and mash…not so to eat. I like firmer bananas in my breakfast cereal.

As I sit at my little table, typing, I listen to various conversations and INSTANTLY forget whatever they are talking about it. I should never be a spy, I really wouldn’t be good at it. Anyway, its only the beginning of the day, and my tray full of cookies is almost halfway gone. I love it when classmates prefer my cookies to the cafeteria ones (which i am spiteful towards because their gross under-cooked dougheyness made me gain eight pounds Sophomore year…thus embarking me on a large weight loss of twenty eight pounds. Yay for me!) I’m thinking about making some more bread this weekend… we finished that tomato bread off early, its so flipping good. I had a thought that maybe if you spritz it with some light or extra virgin olive oil, toss with some kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper and either cilantro or parsley then bake until crisp. Oh hay, not-fried croutons that are SUPER TASTY.

I should get an award.

TIP: If you have butter that’s been in the refridgerator (okay, I’ve respelled this word like ten times and its still wrong) and you forgot to put it on the counter to come to room temp, then its easy to get that fixed! For prompt softness, place the butter on a place and microwave for ten seconds, flip to opposite side, then do the same. Then turn to the side adjacent to the sides that you have first microwaved and do the same, this time only five seconds each side. You should have perfect room temperature butter at that point! Just REMEMBER to watch it closely, because butter can melt easily! And when butter melts, its compounds change, and you cannot use it as solid butter once you re-chill it. It won’t work as well.

Happy Baking!

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