Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride!

Ok, so I didn’t bake today…but I DID cook. Well, kind of. I just sauteed some turkey in a skillet for a wrap at dinner. MAN was it tasty. I love it when the turkey caramelizes, that’s flavor of awesome.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll do something for tomorrow. I need to start experimenting with recipes to use as Christmas gifts. I recommend baking and giving at Christmas, who DOESN’T like that? Well, I wouldn’t consider fruitcake baking, I would consider it practice in brick-making. I used a lovely chocolate ginger cookie as a widespread gift last year and BOY was it successful. Those were tasty treats!

TIP: Want to use fresh ginger but don’t have the time to use it right away? Just peel the ginger and put it in a freezer-safe baggy then freeze it! It grates much more easily this way too!

I’ll post better tomorrow. Sorry 😦

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