Crystallized Ginger

DSC02513Let me break the ice. Out of all the blogs I’ve made (admittedly, this is my third one), I haven’t made any other posts since the introductory one. Kinda sad, right?

However, here, I am on a mission; I will complete something. I will post every day, either some sort of update, or even a recipe :]. (Did I mention I use smilies? Well, I use smilies.)

I love this little rhyzome (what a fun word; rhyzome… It’s too bad I can’t use it without getting strange looks). I love its spiciness and flavor when candied. However, when I first tried it, I was none too excited about it. I tried some store brand; it was all spice, but no flavor. However, when I wanted to learn how to crystallize something, it was the first thing that came to my mind. Why not candy ginger? Apparently you can.

And so I experimented. Then my sinuses thanked me with eagerness. If they could talk, I’m sure they would say “CLARA, OH GOSH. THANK YOU FOR NOT CLEARING ME OUT TODAY.”

Okay, maybe ginger does clear your sinuses. BUT, what I like about this is that you can taste a pleasant sweetness through your pain. Actually, I kinda liked the burning sensation (I hope this doesn’t make me a masochist. That really wouldn’t work out too well.) In conclusion, I really love candied ginger. Heck, you can even use it in gingersnaps, and its even good in frozen yogurt! Holy cow! I saved some money!

I first learned of this recipe from Good Eats. Alton Brown is a cutie patootie. Here’s his recipe on Food Network:

You can see the entire process on my flickr:

There’s something therapeutic  about doing this. At least I feel better about it. I sure do love it though :].

Until tomarrow!



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